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World of combines

We are the company for you. Our goal is to offer you an alternative in need of quality agricultural machinery for acceptable amount of money. We were founded to fill the market gap between the new machine and machines, which are indeed available but for the time they have for each other. We offer a superior agricultural machinery Claas form of demonstration or slightly used machines from Germany, Czech Republic and especially in Great Britain.

Machines that we offer are tested and have traceable service history, because we are moving in the official network Claas.

Our company provides, inter alia, maintenance of machines and of course there is a permanent offer original spare parts for Claas.

Below are the latest machinery added. To find more machines, please use the top table.

1572 - CLAAS TORION 14101572 - CLAAS TORION 1410

1572 - CLAAS TORION 1410

Use the unique opportunity to purchase trade-in

You have now a few years old interesting machine and wants to buy later? We can help you with the sale or redemption under the Counter.